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Review: Deadpool 2099 just isn’t mad enough

Review: Deadpool 2099 just isn’t mad enough

Deadpool 2099 seemed like a solid choice for a review. I love when any series does a ‘well off in the future’ run of issues, so I was curious to see where they would take the merc with a mouth, given that he’s immortal.

Deadpool 2099 review graphic - it took ages


The Details

Deadpool, 2099 – A Marvel Comic

Released 16th August 2017
Writer: Gerry Duggan
Art: Scott Koblish
Colours: Nick Filardi
Letters: VC’s Joe Sabino

Nothing can prepare you for the Deadpool of the year 2099! Leap decades into the future to discover the legacy of the regenerating degenerate. There’s a new Merc, with a new Mouth – but who is she? What could make her want to inherit a codename from Wade Wilson? And are there still chimichangas in 2099? Some or all of these questions may be answered – and new ones will be posed! Find out if there’s a Zenpool 2099, catch up with one of Wade’s old teammates, and choose your side in a battle for the right to be Deadpool, in this collection of sci-fi shenanigans from the world of tomorrow!

The story is mainly about Deadpool’s two daughters. One of them is a bit mad (and apparently the villain of the story, but the comic takes its sweet time letting us know) and has Deadpool captive in a hideout, tortured (amusingly) for information on the whereabouts of her mother. When his other daughter gets involved, aiming to save her Dad for a family reunion of her own, things start to explode.

It’s not bad… but shouldn’t Deadpool be mad?

The comic is… harmless.

I’ve come away from it feeling the exact same way about Deadpool as I did before.

I suppose my problem with it is that it didn’t read like any Deadpool comic I’ve read before. Admittedly, I’m not an avid reader of his stuff, but this series has taken him into old and grumpy territory. A deadbeat Dad. I would have to check again but I don’t think he fired a single gun throughout the issue. I’m not checking again, correct me if I’m wrong.

Easily, we could have replaced Deadpool with Wolverine, Warda (his pissed-off daughter) with Daken and Ellie (his other pissed-off daughter) with X-23 and called it Wolverine 2099. The script would only have to change the names. It would still work.

I expected madness from a Deadpool comic. Madness and – importantly – to laugh. I didn’t get that. Maybe Ryan Reynolds has spoiled us with his movie incarnation.

That said, just because I didn’t think it was a good Deadpool comic, that doesn’t mean I didn’t think it was a good comic. The story was solid, hitting a good few family-themed beats along the way and ends in a fashion probably setting up for more of these comics I don’t think I’m ready for.

The art is solid, if unspectacular. Deadpool’s exposed and rotten face is a thing of beauty (I guess) but other than that, it was average.

It was a decent, though disappointing read. I’ll go as high as a gentleman’s three stars. It just took itself too seriously for Deadpool, and that’s not how I like my Deadpool, sadly.

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